Virtual Thanksgiving Ideas

Thanksgiving dog

We normally only talk about Christmas with non-North Pole residents, but since this year we have already held many virtual events so, myself (Santa’s Poet) Santa and Mrs. Claus and the elves decided that we would share some of our ideas for having an awesome, jolly Thanksgiving!

To start everyone grabs their favorite drink with or without alcohol (here at the North Pole we do a lot of non-alcoholic eggnog and Santa’s favorite is vanilla bean milkshakes with sugar cookie crumbles on top of the high fat whipped cream.  He needs to keep his Santa figure).

Up here we like to start with each person or elf proposing a toast.

And then we each say what we are grateful for.  After that we go around and say what we are looking forward to (things that we can do even if we need to social distance.  Santa, Mrs. Claus and some of the elves are in a high-risk category so we are all social distancing.)

We all eat together online and then afterwards share our favorite recipes in the chat.  The day after we all email our favorite recipes to Emma, the Head Chef Elf, and she compiles them and sends out an email with all of the recipes to everyone.  Some people even include photos of their favorite dish that everyone can enjoy looking at and trying to recreate after the meal.  If you try this you can call it the “Your Name Here Family Thanksgiving 2020 Recipes”.

Other ideas we thought we would share with you for your Virtual Thanksgiving are:

If there are a bunch of kids there, everyone can take turns filming their kids playing pin the tail on the turkey, you can either send out a turkey pdf for everyone to print up or have each kid draw their own turkey and their own tail.  I recommend using tape rather than thumbtacks to pin the tail on the turkey.

Up here at the North Pole we love playing games every chance we get, so we thought that your family might like to play some family favorite games.  Select the games a week or two before so that everyone can have those games to play together.  And figure out how to modify the game so that everyone can play virtually.  For example if you are doing “Bananagrams” if someone on any screen says “dump”, everyone needs to randomly pull out two letter tiles and remove them from the game so that there will be the same amount for everyone.  Or “Apples to Apples” can also be a great virtual game.  “Pictionary” can work if you are doing it with people in your household for “all play” or eliminate “all play” if most people are the only one in their household.  The sky is the limit when it comes to virtual games you can play.

At the North Pole our first virtual meeting went on for 15 hours (it was joyful but too long) so after that we always pick an end time.  People can stay on afterwards but it helps people to feel comfortable leaving and not wind up in a never-ending zoom meeting.

So everyone from The North Pole would like to say “Happy Thanksgiving” and we look forward to seeing you at Christmas!

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