Virtual Company Holiday Party Ideas

Snowman in front of Christmas lights

Here at the North Pole, Santa wants to inspire companies near and far to still celebrate Christmas with their employees.  Of course we want to make sure that everyone stays safe which is why we support your company having an amazing virtual holiday event!

The idea for having this event is to remind the people that we work with that they are valuable to the company and what they do is appreciated.  A virtual Christmas event is a great way to do that and bring joy and Christmas cheer to all!

So here are some ideas, that myself (Santa’s Official Poet), Santa and Mrs. Claus and the elves suggest:

Come up with ideas of what to do with fruitcake other than eating it, it can involve disassembling it or using the whole brick of fruit cake, the person to come up with the most ideas wins.  This can be done with teams of family or in breakout rooms or just give people three minutes to write down all of the ideas they can come up with (and share it if it is a smaller group) if a larger group see how many people got over 5 (write that in the chat) then over 10 (write 10 in the chat) keep going up until you have the winner and they can read the list they create.

You can have a virtual ugly sweater contest.

Or you can have a dress up your pet costume contest (for those without pets, they can dress up their stuffed animals or couch pillows).

Have a short Christmas Karaoke with different groups of people singing together.

You can also do Christmas charades or charades based on different things that your company sells (if you like you can private message what the person needs to silently act out).

You could have a virtual ginger bread decorating contest, you can pre-send the gingerbread and decoration option and it can be like a company “Great British Baking Show” but you can call yours the “Great Your Company Name Here Baking Show”.  If you are media savvy you can even replay the highlights.

Send out decadent hot cocoa or drinks or both that guests can enjoy during your virtual holiday event.

Depending on the size of your company, you can pre-send a gift to each employee and a personalized card telling them what you appreciate about them. 

Hire a magician to perform magic tricks that involve employees in your company.  A magic show that focuses on your guests and highlights their personalities and interests.  I highly recommend Gregg Tobo’s Virtual Magic & Wonder Show.

Have everyone say in one sentence what they are grateful for this holiday season (if it’s a big party, you can use break out rooms).

Invite Santa’s Official Poet (that’s me) to bring the North Pole spirit to everyone.  I can either perform one big company poem highlighting the company’s personality or create personalized impromptu holiday poems for each employee and their families.  That poem can be done in breakout rooms and even can be recorded and given as a gift to each employee.  I can also answer any of your guests North Pole questions.

So reach out to me at call 720-323-7610 or so I can help you create an amazing virtual Christmas event!


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