Press Release: The North Pole Virtual Thanksgiving Ideas

Santa’s Poet Shares Virtual Thanksgiving & Christmas Ideas

SANTA CLAUS VILLAGE, North Pole,—Nov. 20, 2020—Santa has sent, his Official Poet, Amy Marschak, out for interviews to spread poetry and holiday cheer.  She can perform improv holiday poetry and answer the question: How does Santa make his virtual events very jolly? 

When asked to talk about what they do at virtual events, Marschak cheerfully responded:

Up here at the North Pole we have been celebrating many occasions such as birthdays and elf workshop anniversaries virtually, so we have many ideas about how to have a Happy Virtual Thanksgiving and a Virtual Merry Christmas!

A few things that we have done are:

For Rudolph’s birthday, we played his favorite reindeer game, which is dress up our pets with Christmas sparkle.  The person, elf or reindeer with the most festive decorations wins.  Rudolph loves putting Christmas sparkle on everything!

For Elf Buddy’s 32nd Workshop Anniversary everyone had their own food for the virtual party and we shared our recipes.  Afterwards we made a compilation recipe booklet called “Buddy’s Christmas Cookbook: Featuring Candy and Cookie Dough”.

At birthdays and anniversaries Santa has me perform an improv poem for the special guest(s).  For holiday events I perform improv poetry for the families who attend.

For Christmas we are looking forward to playing how many things you can do with a fruit cake rather than eat it.  Whoever comes up with the most ideas, wins.

Santa would love for Amy Marschak to share an impromptu holiday poem created for the interviewer during the interview and more of his ideas for virtual events, so please call text or email her at 720-323-7610 or and her website is (where you can see photos and video).

Have a safe and jolly holiday season!

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