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What to Gift Someone Who is a Minimalist?

So you have friends who are minimalists but you still want to give them a gift, what should you get them?

First thing that you could do is ask your minimalist friend if there is anything they would like or an experience they would like to go on. You can even ask them what is on their bucket list.

Just because they are a minimalist does not mean that they do not want to own anything, it means that they only want to own things that give them joy.  They also may want to be more careful with their time and spend their time on things that bring them joy.

Hobby based gift: It is possible that they might be interested in a hobby but have yet to purchase what they need for their new hobby.    Maybe they want to learn guitar and there is a specific guitar they would like to learn on, or you can get them guitar lessons.  Or maybe they are a photographer and have a specific lens they would like to buy.

Food based gift:  They might also have a favorite food, such as chocolate, coffee or almonds.  😊  Or possibly they are interested in going on a food adventure, try foods they have never eaten before.  Possibly take them out to an interesting restaurant or give them a gift certificate to one.  Another possibility is to get them a gift card to an unusual grocery store.  Or a gift card for their favorite grocery store.

Experienced based gift:  Get them an adventure.  Take them out to dinner or bake them their favorite meal.  Maybe buy them a ziplining experience or a picnic in a park.  Give them a rock climbing lesson or an unusual tour of their city.   There are all sorts of really fun virtual experiences you can buy them ranging from a private virtual magic show or even a super personalized and very fun virtual poetry-gram (it’s like a singing telegram but more interactive and joyful).

Think about who they are and what brings them joy.  That is a great start for your solution on what to gift the minimalist in your life.

What are your thoughts or questions on what to gift a minimalist?  Feel free to post a comment below.

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